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(2020.3) Boost your immunity like you had never thought before - Jun 2020
Are you aware of what your "immunity" is and what it means for you, for your body, and especially for your mind?
Have you ever explored the possibilities of your immunity? Do you know why some people are better or less immune? Do you already know that everything you experience or perceive is in fact only information, and that science has long shown it to you? Would you like to feel better immunized to what you are going through or to the news of the world around you? To feel robustly protected and serene instead of always believing yourself to be vulnerable or afraid of what you hear?
Find out immediately what it means to be immunized in a way you had never thought before, and the direct impacts on what you can do to be perfectly immunized, healthy, and peaceful regardless of the news. A triple boost is offered to you.

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