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(2020.4) Technique of Energetic Memory Reharmonisation - Jun 2020
Do you sometimes have memories that feel unpleasant when you think about them? Or that are keeping your mind busy thinking about or talking about too often, because they worry you?
These memories, which are a bit like "stuck" in your memory, are actually very energy consuming. It is a loss from which you are probably suffering at all times, because part of your energy is blocked in these memory elements, and they are stuck in a loop, just like you and your speech about them. But this is not inevitable: you have the possibility of recovering this blocked energy, by re-harmonizing the memory cell, so as to re-circulate the corresponding energy and be able to recover your full potential in the present.
Immediately discover a Technique of Energetic Memory Reharmonisation, which allows you to recover the energy that you had left blocked in the memory of an unresolved and disharmonized event, and to change your first impressions.

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