This best-selling book was paved in order to empower women with stories written by women. It is the implicit goal of the authors to encourage other women to accept their own journeys and change their lives in ways they never imagined possible. The opportunity to become a truly wise woman is here. So, take a sip of your margarita and turn the page; The Road to Happiness* is waiting for you.

*American and international Best-seller, recognized in the categories “Self Esteem” (#18 et #83), “Entrepreneurship” (#49), “Motivational” (#66).

I am honored to have co-authored this book with extraordinary women, who have braved reality in its most real and hardest dimensions to discover the true path, the one that makes us human and who reconnects us to our most authentic aspirations. My journey is only better since I worked on the writing of my chapter, sharing elements of a precision that surprised me when I needed it. I wish you a good road! ~Aline Dalbiez
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Best-Selling Author Aline Dalbiez, recipient of the Quilly® Award, tells you the recipe


In chapter 3, best-selling author Aline Dalbiez genuinely shares with you:
  • an impossible choice she had to make between recovering her health and meeting the man of her dreams...
  • what key ingredients allowed her to make a true wish and get her true bliss and how YOU can do the same,
  • how life actually has its own way to show you the clues to find YOUR way,
  • The Margarita Recipe of Happiness, directely applicable, fun and practical, which makes it easy for you to remember your key ingredients whatever happens along the way.
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Discover also Chantal LÄNG


In chapter 4, Chantal Läng takes you on a journey along the path of a tenderly full life as a couple, going so far as to cope with mourning in order to rediscover the true joy of living and to enjoy life happily with your children or your relatives. Rich in emotion and tenderness, sprinkled with small touches of sweetness for the heart, this chapter will leave you with an impression of unprecedented inner power, echoing yours.
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Discover also Christine ROSSI-FLAMAND


In chapter 9, Christine Rossi-Flamand takes us into the world of Rose... A young woman whose life has been both terribly trying and surprisingly charming. This brief glimpse into Rose's life leaves us with varied, inspiring and uplifting emotions no matter what we are going through right now. Yes, life may seem cruel, but it can also be wonderful. Rose's life aptly reminds us of this.
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You will find as well:

  • Billur Suu - How far would you go to find Happiness? / Why travel is the best medicine to heal a broken heart?,
  • Céline De La Roche - From a Ballerina's shattered dreams to the love of Opera: how to find the light in an accident,
  • Patricia Heredia - Listen closer,
  • Ihsane Bekkaye - A single hand cannot applause,
  • Yody Torres - Kolay Gelsin: may it come easy,
  • Laura De Waal - One-way ticket.

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Right in hand, to print or carry in your pocket, you will always be able to remember your key ingredients to never loose your way again. Responsive image
If you haven't read yet chapter 3 in the book The Road to Happiness: Women's wisdom on love, life and margaritas, including "The Margarita Recipe of Happiness", you should clearly do it now, and stop wasting any more of your life without the full recipe. Aline will be more than happy to receive your questions or comments about your reading!


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Your journey will always start with one step - just one step. Which one will be the right one?
⇒ Find out how you can:
  • dream bigger and live the dream,
  • intend more for yourself and your life,
  • identify your very first step to start, or restart right, your journey on the road to happiness,
  • deserve and receive love, recognition, and satisfaction.

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We are honored by the success of this exceptional book becoming a best-seller, which brings together an excerpt of wisdom from nine women around the world to help you discover your path to happiness. Royalties will be donated to Entrepreneur’s International Foundation, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to creating awareness for charitable causes.

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About Aline DALBIEZ

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People usually tell Aline what they “can’t” do and she helps them see how they actually “can”. Want to try? :-)

Aline Dalbiez helps people worldwide gain confidence to achieve their ideal life, get rid of burdens from their past, and overcome obstacles to reach what they truly desire. Aline has developed an unusual ability to hear through our words how our brains and thoughts are actually shaping our current reality. Extremely thoughtful, she kindly points us into our perceived limitations so we can blow them away. People usually tell Aline what they “can’t” do and she helps them see how they actually “can”.

Aline began her career within leading worldwide corporations, observing the overall suffering of people and feeling unsure, insecure, and powerless herself. She explored human factors until she found a way to become secure, healthy, and powerful. She then created an independent structure to help her clients reset their natural power of success and redevelop their ability to achieve the impossible.

Aline started ALINEON® ( in 2010, guided by her conviction that, “If everyone is well, the world is better™.” She has trained and coached thousands of people and teams to better achieve their goals with much less effort, and much more comfort. Aline has worked with everyone from major corporations to individuals. She has used her scientific and self-development background to build a proven recipe for complete success in relation to others, business, and life itself. People can learn and apply these techniques in record time thanks to her program called REPRÔG™.

Aline graduated with a Master of Science in New Technologies, International Business Engineering, and Professional Coaching for Individuals and teams. She is now the President/CEO of ALINEON®, a company specializing in the architecture of change and personal fulfillment. Aline speaks, upon request, as an International Public Speaker and Change Architect. She is an active Leadership Council Member of a worldwide Successful Life Club. She was featured on the national Radio France Info as an expert and author of her first book on The Power of Words. She is also the founder of the renowned, The Alineon Chronicle, where she reveals the basic skills that everyone should master to live a truly better life. She is now best-selling author of The Road to Happiness, recipient of a Quilly Award in Hollywood, California.

From a young age, Aline has been trained in most areas of self-care—like biological decoding of diseases, dream reading, Tapping, NLP, past lives or chakra energy healing—as well as business-care areas—such as Human factors, Lean or Agile methods.

When not busy helping her clients, or deepening her abilities, Aline thrives on being the movie star of her own ideal life on the French Riviera, with her dream partner, enjoying nature walks, traveling, exploring the world, or watching inspiring movies. Aline has always been willing to share the pleasure of life, at least with a man who could truly get along with her and make her laugh and smile all day long. She’d had enough of living in struggle and pain and she found her way to meet him. Now, along with him, she shares with others the secrets to master one’s life experience.

You can connect with Aline on Facebook and LinkedIn, or via this contact form.
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Your are welcome to ask your questions. We look forward to sharing more insights, more love, and more beautiful things with you, all around the world.

Aline Dalbiez