Si tout le monde va bien, le monde va mieux®
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ALINEON® provides means of support, coaching, training and information, so that everyone can benefit from them. You can contribute to this project, simply by sharing this site or by recommending its contents.

To know more in less than 5 minutes (French interview on a national radio) : listen to the interview of Aline Dalbiez on France Info.
A mission is the necessary aim of any entreprise.
Demonstrate that individuals self-realization is source of success and business profitability
Teach how to reconcile well-being and performance through high quality relationships
Accompany and coach transition towards a better integration of our human factors
Values feed our motivations.

Individuals, teams, companies and leaders, we all have the answers within ourselves, but it is hard sometimes to realize that on our own. Coaching tools provide support to stand back, to overcome fears, limitations, challenges and to build a concrete strategy to succeed.

Well-being of individuals should be a priority for all of us, in so far as it fits into a smarter approach to success, progression and overall development. Everyone can find his/her interest, the key is just to find the right combination.

Alineon was built on a conviction:
"Si tout le monde va bien, le monde va mieux"   →  "If everyone is well, the world is better"
Our most beautiful investment for the world is at hand, because it begins by working on ourselves for everyone's well-being and the group's success.

Strengths are the engines that make us be successful.
Slide your mouse over a word to discover its definition. INTUITION : Direct and immediat knowledge, without resort to any rational thinking. Sixth Sens. ENTHUSIASM : Excitement, exaltation, admiration, boundless energy that radiates and spreads. BOLDNESS : Tendency to dare difficult actions, to explore the unknown. CREATIVITY : Ability to imagine, create and innovate. Abundance of ideas and originality. TEMPERANCE : Moderation of energies, impulses, which helps balance intangible forces with rationality. OPTIMISATION : Customization, in order to obtain the best possible result by a specific and appropriate action. PERSEVERANCE : Courage and steadfastness in front of adversity, allowing to persist in an action, a resolution or an attitude, despite difficulties or delay in achieving success.
ALINEON® is a proof that a dream becomes reality.

Dynamic, creative and passionate, Aline Dalbiez likes to build customized solutions to fit with a given environment, in order to help individuals and teams reach high quality results, while optimizing relationships, individual fulfilment and team performance.

A Telecommunications Engineer and International Business Engineer by background, she developed specific competences, especially as a Consultant in organizations, to adapt her interactions to the recipient’s profile and the specific needs of organizations.

As a Certified Professional Coach, she approaches all situations with keen sense of ethical respect and confidentiality. She really thrives when she can apply her analytical, diagnostic, supportive, and pragmatic abilities to simultaneously challenge and support individuals, teams or organizations to reach their highest levels of performance.

Aline Dalbiez had a dream: create Alineon. View Aline Dalbiez's profile on LinkedIn

Aline Dalbiez is certified by the Centre International du Coach and cooperates with other certified Coaches to meet wider scale needs. Communication, interpersonal skills and teamwork are major assets.

Le Centre International du Coach is authorized by the RNCP (National Directory of Professional Certifications endorsed by the Ministry of Labour, employment, vocational training and social dialogue). This certification is valid for the title of "Professional Coach" for Individuals and Teams, equivalent to a Master's degree, and ensures that we respond according to ISO 9001:2008 certified methods criteria defining the professionalism and the ethical framework for the exercise of this profession. We rely on the terms of reference for skills on the specialization of Professional Coaching written in partnership with the National Society of Professional Engineers of France (SNIPF).
We favor partnerships of trust and results