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« What will be your most incredible trophy? »

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Get access to the live video recording of Aline Dalbiez's outstanding thirty minutes speech for a worldwide conference, held at the Hyatt Regency of Montreal, where she powerfully invites and inspires you to find out what will be your next most incredible trophy, and what will be your very first step on the journey to achieve it.

Life and the road to happiness are a journey.

Your journey will always start or continue with one step - just one step. Which one will be the right one?
⇒ Find out how you can:
  • dream bigger and live the dream,
  • intend more for yourself and your life,
  • identify your very first step to start, or restart right, your journey on the road to happiness,
  • deserve and receive love, recognition, and satisfaction.
Benefit from a private club general session where Aline Dalbiez reveals another part of her story, giving depth of vision and meaning to the road to happiness, and to getting on the journey together.
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